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Petroleum Club, 35th Floor                                                                                                                                Chase Building, 100 North Broadway                                                                                                                      Downtown Oklahoma City

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Past Presidents' Dinner at the Petroleum Club North

In honor of Rachael Weber, our 99th president

Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City

  • Success in Paris-Brant, Ontario

     Excerpts: Start with a strategy           Members fixed the club before strengthening membership. How?           Name recognition  Make some noise           They took every chance to be visible in their town.

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Gabriela manriquez, Maria montelongo, Mary Closs

Visiting us from Southeast High School Key Club are Gabriela Manriquez, Maria Montelongo, and Mary Closs, faculty sponsor. They also unveiled the design of their new SE Key Club t-shirts. We love these kids. They make us proud of their leadership and service.

Inaugural of 99th Club President

Kiwanis Club of Oklahoma City

September 23, 2014


Carol Sorensen, past president, hosted the reception, Inaugural banquet and officer installation at Iron Star Barbecue in Oklahoma City.

Dub Rogers, also a past president, gave the invocation.

Division 19’s Lieutenant Governor Phillip Suarez, immediate past president of the Bethany Kiwanis Club, installed officers in a lively, streamlined manner. We expect renewed vigor and results from his leadership of Division 19.

Randall Stoner, outgoing club president, was recognized and given a standing ovation for a term extremely well executed. Terry Vanlandingham, club secretary and past president, presented Randy with his plaque. All past presidents love the designation past!

Terry Vanlandingham also presented Rachael with the Big Stick, which has the names of all of the club’s presidents carved upon it. Originally an axe handle, the Big Stick has been extended twice.

Weber addressed the club and also formally recognized new club member Jamie Forsha.

The evening had many moments of humor, but one involved Randy Stoner’s not having enough light to read Rachael’s bio. Expectedly and instantly, Phillip Suarez whipped out his cell phone and turned on the flashlight feature. Everyone laughed heartily.  Both Weber and Suarez had much wit and creativity to their roles.

Entrees from which to choose were Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Hickory Smoked Chicken, or Filet of Beef Tenderloin. Dessert was Oklahoma Peach Crisp.

Spouses and friends attend the Inaugural so this is a popular annual event. Some of those attending are:

Trey and Susan Bizé

Jay and Sue Engelbach

Kraettli and Kay Epperson

Jamie Forsha

Noma Gurich and John Miley

Monroe and Sheryl Holford

Lucien and Barbara Jones

Cam and Margaret McLain

Kyle McLain

Jon Pennington

Patsy Reger

Dub Rogers

Bob Sonnenfeld

Carol Sorensen

Brenda Stoner

Phillip Suarez

Chris Tytanic

Reece and Jeanne Anne Van Horn

Terry and Leetta Vanlandingham

Bill and Linda Warren

Rachael and Keith Weber

Ed Oliver and Mary Ann Williams

Fletcher and Vicki Williams

Beverly Woodrome

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99th President:  Rachael Weber

Costs Benefits

Donate to the "Building Fund," Kiwanis Special Activity Fund (KSAF), to replace our current Carver Mark Twain Head Start building with a full-fledged community center, expanded Head Start opportunities, after-school programs, etc.

The cost today has generational benefit for our city and state

SE HS dinner 9-25-14

"Certainly enjoyed talking to these amazing Key Club members at the pot luck dinner. Being around young people of this caliber just reinforces that THERE IS hope for America!"

Lucien Jones

We all agree with Lucien that the members of Southeast High School's Key Club are absolutely the best.

Photo taken at the joint meeting of our Kiwanis Club with "our" Key Club, 9-25-14.