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Speaker 8-18-14



President, Human Animal Link of Oklahoma

Our name, Human Animal Link of Oklahoma Foundation, speaks to the fact that animals and human
beings do form a link with one another for the benefit of both. A non-judgmental force, our pets, can best calm most emotional and physical challenges we might experience. They are quiet in voice,but speak with strength and comfort by presence alone. They are incapable of making false promises as to our welfare. They are forever listening even though we may not make much sense. They offer moments of simple joy and peace,reaching into the minds and hearts to communicate with people who just may have shut out the human factor.How quickly they forget our shortcomings and focus on only our greatest strengths.

You just can't lose with that kind of relationship!

About Jerry Nickell from LinkedIn:

Contemporary Sounds
January 1974–Present

President of Human Animal Link of Oklahoma Foundation, a 501 c3 non- profit group that provides pet therapy to those in need at local hospitals, schools, libraries, assisted living centers, etc.

Groups and Associations:
HALO Human Animal Link of Oklahoma

Honors and Awards:
Charley, my female Welsh Terrier, has been nominated for the AKC ACE Award as Therapy Dog of the Year three years in a row. She visits Mercy Hospital, The Heart Hospital, The Village Library and Epworth Villa every week.

The members of HALO work throughout central Oklahoma with their pet partners to help those in need. You can learn more at

About Nickell's business:


The most significant opportunity is to contribute to the Kiwanis Special Activity Fund (KSAF), "Building Fund" memo.

Our club needs 100% participation in the KSAF Building Fund for our Carver Mark Twain Community Center. 

This is above and beyond our annual $400 KSAF donation, which supports all of our regular children’s activities.

Donate or make your pledge!


Pay by the month or quarter. (Any of us can do this!)

Write one check.

Write a really big check – some of you can do that, too!

Time to step up a little higher for something that impacts our city and uplifts the Mulligan Flats/Westlawn Community for generations.

  • Summer Social 2014

    Thanks to Judge Noma Gurich and her husband, John Miley, for hosting a cordial, amusing, pleasing social at their home. The day before the party, John took Noma to the emergency room after an unexpected accident. John undoubtedly did much of the house prep work and still was an enthusiastic host. We appreciate you both!

    Members brought potluck dishes, mostly homemade. No one left hungry! With the house well designed for entertaining, guests could mingle from room to room. Some, captivated by the golf tournament, stopped in front of the television for a few intense moments.

    About forty-six members and guests attended. Those seen included the following.

    Trey & Susan Bize

    Mark Hanstein & Leslie Blair

    Mary Cloos

    Sundy Corbin

    Jay & Sue Engelbach

    Art & Margaret Hoge

    Lee & Charlotte Holder

    Van & Clara Lafferty

    John & Karen Martin

    Kerry & Leslie Maye

    Cam McLain

    Don & Suzy Nicholson

    Ed Oliver & Mary Ann Williams

    Jon Pennington & daughter, Kacie

    Steve & Linda Slawson

    Bob Sonnenfeld

    Randall & Brenda Stoner

    Roger & Jan Stuart

    Chris Tytanic

    Reece & Jeanne Ann Van Horn

    Terry & Leetta Vanlandingham

    Bill & Linda Warren

    Rachel Weber

    Fletcher & Vicki Williams

    Bev Woodrome

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98th President:  Randall Stoner

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