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Sue tate

Speaker 7-21-14

Sue D. Tate

System Director Alternative Dispute Resolution System

Administrative Office of the Courts

Topic: A new initiative dealing with mental health issues in young children

Sue Darst Tate began her career in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution in 2990 when she became the director of Early Settlement South Central,the first community-based mediation center sponsored by East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.  She developed and established an eleven (11) county program, recruiting and selecting a staff of volunteer mediators and overseeing their training and certification.

Currently, as the director of Oklahoma’s Alternative Dispute Resolution System, she supervises the twenty-four (24) programs of the system for the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.  Additionally, she is a certified mediation trainer and conducts training seminars in basic and family mediation and settlement conference techniques for judges.

Since March, 2004 Ms. Tate has also served as the Director of Judicial Education and the Director of the Court Improvement Program. She is also active in the work of public deliberation and has served on the board of trustees of the National Issues Forums Institute. 

Sue has a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree as well as a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Administration. 

Sue has a special interest in early childhood development and Head Start programs. 


Social 7-13-14

Thanks to Noma Gurich and her husband, John Miley, for hosting a cordial, amusing, pleasing social at their home. The day before the party, John took Noma to the emergency room after an unexpected accident. John undoubtedly did much of the house prep work and still was an enthusiastic host. We appreciate you both!

Members brought potluck dishes, mostly homemade. No one left hungry! With the house well designed for entertaining, guests could mingle from room to room. Some, captivated by the golf tournament, stopped in front of the television for a few intense moments.

About forty-six members and guests attended. Those seen included the following.

Trey & Susan Bize

Mark Hanstein & Leslie Blair

Mary Cloos

Sundy Corbin

Jay & Sue Engelbach

Art & Margaret Hoge

Lee & Charlotte Holder

Van & Clara Lafferty

John & Karen Martin

Kerry & Leslie Maye

Cam McLain

Don & Suzy Nicholson

Ed Oliver & Mary Ann Williams

Jon Pennington & daughter, Kacie

Steve & Linda Slawson

Bob Sonnenfeld

Randall & Brenda Stoner

Roger & Jan Stuart

Chris Tytanic

Reece & Jeanne Ann Van Horn

Terry & Leetta Vanlandingham

Bill & Linda Warren

Rachel Weber

Fletcher & Vicki Williams

Bev Woodrome


The most significant opportunity is to contribute to the Kiwanis Special Activity Fund (KSAF), "Building Fund" memo.

In order to present our grant proposals and fundraising letters, our club needs 100% participation in the KSAF Building Fund for our Carver Mark Twain Community Center. 

This is above and beyond our annual $400 KSAF donation, which supports all of our regular children’s activities.

Report your pledge or make your donation before August 1st.


Pay by the month or quarter. (Any of us can do this!)

Write one check.

Write a really big check – some of you can do that, too!

So far:

We have hired a highly respected professional grant writer.

A state-of-the-art video with animation, donated by Steve Slawson, will sell the project to others.

Time to step up a little higher for something that impacts our city and the Mulligan Flats/Westlawn Community.

  • 91st Children's Picnic & Outing


    Our club bought 140 tickets to Frontier City for young people and their house families and staff. 180 people were served at the picnic. 

    In addition to our own members and their spouses, Mary Cloos and members of Southeast High School Key Club took photos, served, and cleaned up. We are so proud of them.

    Thanks to all who came.

    Thanks to our club for continuing this project!

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